our weekly stroll at Sunnyside Plantation..

Each week we take time to stroll the beautiful Sunnyside Mansion grounds. In 1788 the land was deeded to Thomas Hardison. Later, a portion of it was purchased by Mary Benton, who built Sunnyside in 1852 and ran a successful dairy farm there. The South has a reputation for strong women. Marys' husband had left her after a dispute with Andrew Jackson.
 Sunnyside's typical Antebellum style is a mashup of Greek Revival and Italianate.  Mary never resided in the house, preferring the original 2 story ivy covered house behind it.
We love the winding stonewall, built in 1840 and the stream ( crik if you are from the South) that babbles all around the is a peaceful place to gather your thoughts in the early morning.

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