How to Make Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait is a staple in most French restaurants, and it is a staple in the American South as well,especially in those cities like New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Nashville that have a rich French influenced history.
The traditional Southern way is to add chicory to a rich dark roasted coffee bean to make a thick espresso. Then heat whole milk until hot, but not boiling. When the skin forms, whisk the milk until it bubbles, then mix  equal parts of the espresso and foamy hot milk,  For a sweeter Cafe au Lait you can use sugar in the coffee,or use half and half instead of whole milk.
Because I am vegetarian, I use the above with unsweetened soy, it heats and bubbles just as well as the whole milk and I find it just as pleasing.
Cafe au Lait is divine with a bit of dark chocolate or a rich chocolate desert, and it is a flawless finish to a spicy dish like Gumbo.

 It is always the perfect drink at a side walk cafe' and you'll find it on the menu at most coffee shops here. Barely a day goes by that I don't enjoy a delightful cup or two.

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