Appalachian Furniture with a French Twist..

Phase one of the metamorphosis of the burled walnut,signed Charles Gordon table using techniques shown to me by my friend whose father was an antiques restorer in Paris. This takes time, and is NOT to be confused with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint do it in one day world,plus the results are light years apart. After it sets up it will get the first coat of clear hard wax,that must set 3 weeks, then the gilding detailed, then it will be finished with a microcrystalline museum wax. 
I am especially pleased with the gilding process having seen my friend do many parisienne salon chairs using this method.It is painted in an Empress Eugenie Blue as a tribute to the Napoleon III inspiration of  Appalachian furniture makers,Lawrence and Charles Gordon. It still has a long way to go but, what do you think? It won't be finished until Christmas. It is all non toxic, authentic materials and I am doing a  Napoleon III nursery chair next.
This signed table was made in Tennessee 80 years ago at this workshop.

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