Basil Lime pepper infused Vodka Gimlets

 Y'all know I like to keep things simple. I don't have time for fussy things. This drink is perfect because it has layers of flavor to entice you and is very easy to make.
Here is the how to on one of my favorite gimlets:
Take a fresh basil leaf and muddle it  (mash it with a spoon) in the bottom of the glass with a pinch of sugar.
Add 2 parts fresh squeezed lime juice, 4 parts chilled pepper infused vodka and top with a slice of lime. I like mine without ice in a martini glass but this is equally good on the rocks.
If you can't find pepper infused vodka you can make your own by taking two serrano and one jalapeno peppers, sliced lengthwise and a clove of garlic packing it into a glass jar. Fill with vodka and let it infuse about 1 week. Pepper infused vodka is quite common in the South and always adds an interesting element to your vodka drink. 'A la votre', y'all..

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