New Take on a Southern Staple ,Sardine and Kale Croquettes

It is a Southern tradition to eat sardines on a saltine with mustard and hot sauce. In fact, in the South it is often a quick meal. And sardines are as popular in France as they are here. So let me share with you this Nashville style brunch recipe that draws from that traditional favorite. It is simple, elegant and costs pennies to make.
For every tin of skinless boneless sardines you will need 1 egg and two slices of bread made into crumbs.
Saute a small bit of kale and onions just enough to take the bitterness away from the kale, add a dash of salt and pepper.

Beat the egg, add breadcrumbs and sardines then mix well. When mixed ,add the kale and onion, mix again and make into patties,covering the finished patty in bread crumbs.
Oil a pan and cook until golden brown.
I topped mine with a sweet pepper mustard sauce and served it alongside an egg poached in olive oil and thyme. Oh la la y'all, it was good. Eggs poached in olive oil and the herbs of your choice are downright decadent, silky in texture and infused with flavor.I also saved some  extra sardine croquettes that will be served later on sourdough bread.
And lastly,if you need a party food you can make these in 1 inch size, chill for 2 to 4 hours, cap with cucumber then whip up a dipping sauce of balsamic vinegar, brown mustard and a little mayo, or use Durkees sauce thinned with balsamic. Delicious!

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