Is your French Decor Ready for Animal Skins and Hides?

Like it or not, animal skins and hides are trending among decorators. Granted it brings wonderful texture and a touch of nature to a decor that is often over gilded. Last week at an antique show, I saw this lovely Louis XVI gilded salon side chair upholstered in an all white ' hair on' cowhide from Gallery 1401 in Chattanooga. And while cowhide isn't that popular here in Nashville, as national trends go, hides are trending big.
It is expensive to have furniture upholstered in hide, and for some of us vegetarians, myself included, it isn't a trend we feel good about. I say, let your conscience be your guide and if you can't justify the slaughtering of animals for you to walk or sit on...there are alternatives. I collect vintage skin long as I have not driven the present market to kill another animal I am ok with it. And the rugs are so easy to clean. Wash them with diluted dog shampoo, stretch to dry and brush them out while damp. That's it.
You can toss them on chairs, on the bed or on the floor. They are especially cozy in winter, (and my dog thanks me for them)Woolly Tibetan lamb rugs look terrific on furniture, while exotic hides are a classic . How scrumptious is this antique zebra hide rug from an old Veranda photo? 
.In addition to rugs, I recently added a distressed faux leather table cover to a 1960's Burke Tulip Table that is probably the most versatile thing I own. The problem with faux is...well it's FAUX. But in this case I made an exception as it is good quality and adds a wonderful earthy texture to the small sitting area. Live plants, sea coral and a quartz geode add to the natural ambiance.

Trending big in Paris right now are fauteuils taken down to the bare wood, buffed in a clear wax and covered in distressed leather or denim.  I expect to see this trend coming stateside soon. And if you are vegan, or vegetarian, remember there are lots of great faux leather upholstery fabrics hitting the market these days ready to add a little 'oh la la 'to your decor!



buzzardair said...

I do love the Parisian look. Thanks for sharing.

Nirvana Dog said...

If it was good enough for royalty, it is good enough for us :)

Kay Callander said...

For the likes of me, this is akin to taking an online course called 101 in French Decorating, Purchasing Antiques and Cooking (with a Southern touch.) It's all French to me, but I am enjoying learning so much thanks to Debie's way of explaining and illustrating her points in buying and decorating with antiques along withcooking such delicious looking food.

Kay Callander said...

Nirvana Dog said...

Thank you so much Kay!

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