Antique Wardian Cases

When I moved into my present city apartment, a mere 680 square feet,  Things had to serve a purpose. No longer could this antique wardian case hold trinkets for display, it had to be functional. So I gave up a rather large chunk of my micro kitchen to grow fresh herbs. I figure it is a fair trade off. I have a full spectrum vita light shining on the plants and they seem to do quite well in there.
I adore wardian cases, terrariums and the like.
They were a fixture in the Palace of Versailles like the one above, and later the Victorians made great use of them when it was discovered that they could successfully transport rare species of plants home from  around the globe. I thought I would share some pinned photos of various styles..

Imitation cases are usually zinc and plexiglass ,like this one I spotted at a local market.

You can tell the age of a real one by the thickness and color of the glass.The glass will most often be 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch. They are always quite heavy. Antique wardian cases are one of those antiques that you can never go wrong investing in. There is always a demand for them so if you find one, go ahead and indulge.

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Brigitte said...

This Antique Wardian Case takes my breath away !! I can't even describe in enough words how much I LOVE this !!

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