Nashville Tastemakers Make Grey Anything but Drab

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Grey may be the color of the Blues, but in Nashville some of our favorite tastemakers style it with flair.
Grey pairs beautifully with browns and beiges, with reds and yellows, gold and silver, and never seems to look dated. Whether it is a beige grey like the one above, barnwood rustic grey, or a deep modern charcoal, there is a grey for every room and every taste.

One of Nashville's own, multi-talented musician Holly Williams, whose clothing boutique H. Audry I adore, recently had her home featured in Country Living.

I love the overdyed  Persian rug in the bedroom, the green  is very unexpected and works well in the room. 
And speaking of talented women with famous fathers and grandfathers ( Holly is a Hank Sr. grandaughter), Hannah Crowell of Crowell Interiors ( grandaughter of Johnny Cash) has really done this room justice with it's deep charcoal grey walls and vintage chairs paired with a reclaimed wooden table.
 Nashville's Mike Wolfe of American Pickers fame also utilizes grey throughout his home to showcase his premier collection of Americana.
For me personally, I love grey for the way it picks up and highlights subtle textures.....

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