This Steamed Mussels Recipe Makes Great Outdoor Dining

Southerners love to eat outdoors and I am no exception. Recently for my birthday I had a small outdoor soiree featuring mussels and complementary white wine. So I thought I would share my favorite steamed mussels recipe.
You will need:
about 2 lbs fresh mussels
1 cup white wine
1 heaping tbls tomato paste
2 cloves garlic, chopped and sauteed in olive oil
2 tbls sugar
1/4 c lime compound butter or plain butter and 1 tsp lime zest
7 oz sundried tomatoes
1 small bunch green onions coarsely chopped
sea salt to taste
1 fresh lime

To prepare:
Ideally use a pan large enough for the mussels to be in a single layer, but it is not necessary. To the pan add the white wine, tomato paste, salt, compound butter, garlic and sugar. Put on medium high heat. Stir to mix ,then add the mussels, cover, and let them steam until they have all opened. Discard any unopened ones. Put mussels and juices in a serving dish and top with sun dried tomatoes and chopped green onions. Add a squeeze of fresh lime right before serving.That's it!
This must be served with fresh bread as sopping the juices with the bread is part of the delightful experience.

The juice is exquisite as the mussels release their liquid into the wine tomato mixture while they steam.

It tastes great indoors or out but is especially wonderful outdoors on a pretty day with plenty of wine..

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