The Sweet n' Sultry Georgia Bloody Mary

We all have favorite Bloody Mary recipes but here is one you may not have tried, a Georgia Bloody Mary. So named because Georgia has not only world famous peaches, but abundant fresh and coastal waters as well. Georgia's salt marshes produce plenty of clams.This Bloody Mary gets it's unique flavor from clam juice and peaches. You can make it using Clamato as the base such as the ones I have pictured, or when peaches are in season, craft it from scratch. I am going to include both recipes.

To craft this from scratch, you will need a juicer to extract juice from fresh tomatoes and peaches, using a ratio of three tomatoes to each peach. For the clam juice,  I recommend you purchase bottled clam juice to which you will add  2 teaspoons chili pepper ,1 clove finely crushed garlic, and salt to taste for each 8 oz of clam juice. Bring the ingredients to a boil then turn off the heat to let it cool and for the ingredients to infuse the broth.
When cool, strain and add to your fresh peach tomato base. You want 3/4 peach tomato base to 1/4 clam juice. Add worcestershire to your liking, a splash of hot sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten it up, about 1/8 teaspoon for a large cocktail glass. Add a jigger of peach vodka. My preference is Pearl Peach Vodka as it is made with natural flavors.

For the cheaters version use Clamato juice as your base, and add a teaspoon or so of peach liquer, a jigger of peach vodka,a splash of hot sauce, 1/8 teaspoon or less chili powder, and  worcestershire to taste, 1/8 teaspoon lemon juice,and garnish both recipes with pickled onions, a smokey cheese and cilantro. I used an applewood smoked gouda with bacon here, it was perfect.A smokey cheddar would do well also. The rim salt is flavored with sea salt, celery seed, sugar and spices. And lastly I garnish the glass with a slice of nectarine.
In the South, Bloody Marys are often filled with garnish as the joke is it makes a complete meal. But Bloody Marys complement many meals. They are a staple of brunches and this version goes particularly well with seafood dishes like clam fritters or steamed mussels. If you haven't tried the steamed mussels dish I posted a while back, this is the perfect time.

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