Three Classic Decor Investments to Gift Yourself.

Consider gifting yourself this season as well as loved ones by investing in decor pieces that never go out of style-meaning you always get your money's worth. Here are 3 of my favorites..
 The Tulip Table
That mid century icon of modern design is now a classic staple in well appointed homes all over the world. In the 1950's Eero Saarinen designed a pedestal table commonly called the Tulip Table. It was a brilliant piece of design, incorporating, strength, beauty, and function.  I have the 1960s Burke brand version like this one pictured below in a Nashville loft, but in black. The Burke tables are heavier than the Euro versions.
By the 70s injection molding had become popular and the tables became lighter and less costly. These days there are so many takes on the Tulip table that you can find them in a variety of  prices, colors, and tops from plastic, to marble to wood. Regardless of which you choose, will you find the Tulip Table an indispensable part of your decor. They are THE most versatile table ever. Light enough to move from room to room and look just as beautiful sporting a fancy traditional tablecloth as they do bare.Matching chairs are available but these tables complement any chair, in any style. Industrial, Mid-Century, Victorian, French or Italian, they all look great with the Tulip table.

Next on my list this season, something warm and fuzzy. Think hide rugs and pillows, either natural or good quality faux. I only buy vintage hide rugs as I have issues with generating the market to kill more animals. Currently I have sheepskin, leopard printed sheepskin, bearskin, goat hide and last week stumbled on some vintage Tibetan lamb pillows which I immediately scooped up.
Super versatile, and cozy.If you have pets you will find draping a sheepskin rug on a chair is a great look  and a great way to protect your furniture from pet hair and upholstery piercing claws.
 Hides  are easy to clean and look far more expensive than they are.

And last but certainly not least, the most time enduring classic every home can use is the Louis chair.
This is the epitomy of style.The Louis chairs work with every decor, bar none, and sport every upholstered look imaginable.

There is no decor they don't add something special to. Even if you just have one, it is enough to make a statement.

 And best of all, they are so inexpensive to reupholster that a good antique Louis chair can change looks as often as you wish.

These three classic decor investments all work anywhere, anytime, with any style. To really get your money's worth buy the antique or vintage versions as the value on those not only increases but are far healthier for your home. Too many 21st Century pieces contain formaldehyde and other toxins.
And there is one more timeless item you can gift yourself this season. And of course that is fresh flowers. Flowers can breathe life into a room like nothing else.
 My small apartment is never ever without them.

This week I bought four dozen roses and while their beauty is is worth every penny.

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Monab said...

Think these are three great ideas! I have been so wanting around table for a limited space and havent been able to find one that suited me. I think the tulip table is a great idea! I didnt think I would like it in black living down south and all but seeing the photo, I really like it in black. Every room needs something black to ground he room! I already have the fur pillow and French chair in my living all I can say is great minds think alike!

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