French Onion Soup with Browned Pears

On a cold day, one of my favorite comfort foods is deliciously simple French Onion Soup. In the South we like ours sweet, made with caramelized sweet yellow onions and red pears browned in butter and sugar. Topped with toasted French bread and cheese it is warm and relaxing.

Here is my recipe, you will need-

6 tbls  unsalted butter
2 tbls  peanut or olive oil
6 medium or 4 large sweet yellow onions
1 quart each chicken and beef stock
toasted French bread
3 pears, Doyenne du Comice are excellent,
 but any pear good with cheese will do
Gruyere or any white cheese
 a pinch of salt
1 tsp brown sugar

Melt 4 tablespoons butter and the oil in a stock pot, while it melts slice your onions thinly. Add to pot and stir to cover them with the butter/oil mixture. Add a pinch of sea salt or himalayan salt. Raise the heat to medium and let the onions caramelize to a deep warm brown.
When done, add your stocks and simmer until about a quart has simmered away.
While it is simmering, add the remaining butter and a teaspoon brown sugar to a skillet to melt. Slice the pears thinly and add to the skillet, cooking over low heat until browned.
Line an ovenproof bowl with the pears and ladle in the onions and stock. Leave enough room in each bowl to top with a slice of toasted French bread sliced lengthwise .Sprinkle the French bread liberally with grated cheese.
Placing the bowls on a baking sheet put under the broiler until the cheese is bubbly and beginning to brown.

Remove from the broiler and voila! You are ready to serve and enjoy.

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