Collectible Woven Textiles

A top trend currently is using colorful textiles in your home. Especially woven textiles. I am not surprised about textiles being a popular choice to add color and texture. They are easy to switch out according to seasons or mood. Whether it be Aubusson pillows, Americana wall hangings, Chinese embroidery, African weavings, overdyed Turkish rugs, the stylish choices are abundant and many are sought after by collectors.
Above is a lovely 19th century Stevengraph.  These are pictures woven in silk, usually of an important religious event for a families' remembrence. Here are a few more examples of collectible woven and needeworked textiles.

An 18th century Aubusson pillow..

beautiful Chinese embroidery..

an 1820s American sampler. These are always in demand by collectors and and auction houses rejoice when they have curated collections to sell.

And a vintage Turkish kilim pillow..

You can layer your textiles if you love lots of color, or if you prefer a neutral decor, toss in a small bit of color and texture for interest.

And wouldn't you know it, even our pets have options!

Needlework is always going to add interest and texture.

One important thing to remember is that while textiles are really on trend right now, quality textiles never go out of style. Antique textiles in good condition only increase in value. So go ahead and start that collection of textiles you have always wanted.

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